The Last Software Installation Suite you'll ever need

Big Data at your fingertips

Currently analyzing over 1 billion events a day, using Install Brain for the first time, can feel like waking up from the Matrix. Never again will you have to wonder about completed download rates, completed install rates, user demographics, installed apps, installer exit path, monetization and retention rates. All data about your installer performance is captured, analyzed and presented to you in real-time.

Your Brand. Your Look

The InstallBrain installer screens are pure HTML/Javascript. This translates to the installer being a direct extension of your corporate website. Enforce trust with your users and build an engaging experience with an installer that looks and feels unique. InstallBrain lets you split-test different designs and installation sequences, to determine which ones generates the highest completion rates. Use unique designs with different segments of your user base (think Localization) and change designs on the fly.

Monetize on non-buyers

No matter how great your products are, chances are a large percentage of the users who download your product are not going to convert into paying customers. Thanks to InstallBrain, you no longer have to think of these users as sunk costs. InstallBrain comes with dozens of monetization channels, letting you extract revenues from every segment of your users. Your InstallBrain account manager will custom tailor the monetization deals that fit your preferences and continually work on maximizing your install base revenues.


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